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£150 Donation for Young Leader Training

We are visiting all parts of the UK through SUMMER 2024, if you would like to find out more/attend, please email TODAY

We are over subscribed for individual school visits in 2024...
but we have a solution!
Your school agrees to host the training and becomes the hub school.  Any school can be a hub school, you just need to have enough space to accommodate all visitors for a 3-hour window.
Local, feeder/trust schools, to the hub school (Primary & Secondary) are invited to send up to 4 Young Leaders plus adult to receive the 2 hrs training.  Training can be delivered to primary & secondary age students at the same time.
Once trained, Young Leaders can then deliver water safety sessions as classroom activities and assemblies across their trust.
Young Leaders become school ambassadors for water safety, helping their own school to deliver these essential life skills.
With 9 million school age students in the UK, this is the largest practical solution to annual training for the children of the UK. Research shows that students that receive a minimum of 45 minutes training each year in water safety knowledge and practical drowning prevention techniques not only have a greater survival chance but also take these skills into a healthier and happier adulthood.
There is NO cost to the hub school, plus unlimited spaces for their own students.
Visiting schools are asked for a £150 donation to attend (minimum school attendance x5 schools)
Schools can seek funds from local commercial sponsorship, Pupil Premium.


£150 Donation for Young Leader Training

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flyer for schools to attend water safety young leader training 

'The Above Water session that Brendon held at Lipson, Plymouth was insightful and extremely useful for both our Lipson students and our feeder schools.  The session was meaningful and enjoyable for all ages taking part. The practical nature ensured students were engaged throughout and gave them real-world experiences of a topic that affects them and will hopefully stay with them for life'.

Zoe Philpott- Executive & Project Assistant Tedd Wragg Trust


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