£150 Donation for Young Leader Training

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As part of a national program, the charity will be holding Water Safety Young Leader Training in areas around the UK. This unique method of teaching water safety and drowning prevention has already taught thousands of children throughout Devon & Cornwall, Cardiff, Oxford, London and the Wirral.  Both primary and secondary age groups are welcome and can be taught at the same time. 

What is included in the training? 

(Training fulfils and expands on curriculum requirements for KS1 & 2 ‘swimming & water safety’, plus enrichment for KS 3, 4 & 5)

Water Safety

·      Information & statistics

·      Understanding the hazards near water

·      What is drowning?

·      Cold water Shock

·      RIPs and flow


Drowning Prevention


·      How to self-rescue?

·      How to rescue others?

Resources will be sent to the Young Leaders via their member of staff to help and guide how the students will implement the water safety and drowning prevention teaching for their school.

As a charity we ask all attending schools for the Young Leader Training for a £150 donation to continue this National Campaign of Young Leader Water Safety Training.