Why was the Charity Above Water set up?

Mawgan Porth - October 2014, Brendon Prince Above Water founder was involved in trying to save the lives of three surfers who got into trouble in big waves.  As an off-duty Lifeguard, he did everything he could, both in and out of the water, but all three lost their lives in front of their families that day.  In Brendon's mind, not a day passes without seeing the wife of one of the drown surfers pleading with him to bring her husband back.  
Brendon made a commitment that day to do whatever was needed to stop accidental drowning in the UK.  Accidental drowning is a catastrophic event for the family and the local community but in so many cases could have been avoided through an understanding of water safety and drowning prevention techniques.  We are an island nation but most of our inhabitants know very little about water safety or how to stay alive in a potential drowning situation.
In the autumn of 2017, Brendon set up the Above Water charity: Water safety through education. Sending TEACHERS who are also LIFEGUARDS into schools to teach water safety and drowning prevention.  In 2019, Above Water spoke to over 25,000 children, teachers and parents.  All experiencing at least one hour of water safety and drowning prevention interactive instruction.  In the same year over 4,500 children received a practical (in the sea) one hour session building water confidence, swimming technique and drowning prevention skills.
2020 is going to be a big year for Above Water.  We have proved we are one of the biggest presenters of water safety and drowning prevention in schools and have now reached a point where thousands of schools are requesting a visit.  Above Water is spending Jan/ Feb 2020 restructuring to accommodate this greater demand but we are still visiting schools in Cornwall, Somerset, Hampshire, Kent and Devon at this off season time of year.
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