Water Safety FILMS

Videos for children home schooling in Lockdown 2020
Videos put together in the first UK Lockdown to teach daily lessons for water safety, drowning prevention and lifesaving skills.  We also include some extra knowledge to prepare anyone wishing to become a Beach Surf Lifeguard, covering the beach environment, weather, communication skills, fitness, knots, phonetic alphabet and much, much more!
This is our introduction video to the water safety daily education videos that will be available each day. The videos will help to education all ages from primary school, through secondary to adults. Welcome and we hope you will enjoy our Above Water video.
Tides (Part 1) Start to look at tides and its vertical movement, what causes the water to move in this way, what are the extremes of this vertical movement (spring tides). Knot of the day- Reef knot, Phonetic alphabet- A & B and question- Where in the world is the biggest tidal range at 11.6 m?
How an incoming Tide can cause the unaware to be 'cut off' from the mainland, what to do in this situation? Knowledge of the Tides time frame. Bowline knot. Phonetic alphabet C & D. 
Cold water shock, the Prusik knot and E & F of the phonetic alphabet.
How waves are formed, the figure of eight knot and G & H of the Phonetic Alphabet.
Monday 30th March- WAVES (Part 2)
What waves can be dangerous, I & J of phonetic alphabet and the Clove Hitch.
Lifeguard flags on the beach, phonetic alphabet K & L and the Overhand Knot with a Drawloop.
Today we look at the Rescue- what to do if you see someone in trouble in water, phonetic alphabet M & N, Overhand knot with a half hitch.
Today we explain the water safety issues with inflatables in open water, O & P of the phonetic Alphabet and the Fisherman's Knot.