StopLookListenFloat water safety campaign
This campaign starts on 10th July and runs to World Drowning Prevention Day of 25th July.  Each day we will release a 1 minute water safety video to help you stay safe on, in or around water this holiday!
Day 1- Monday 10th July
Calling 999 when you see someone is in trouble in the water
  • Calling 999 when you see someone is in trouble in the water

    Day 2- Tuesday 11th July
    stoplooklistenfloat for water safety
    Above Water BLUE CROSS CODE

    Day 3- Wednesday 12th July
    What does drowning look like?
    • What does drowning look like, know the signs?

    Day 4- Thursday 13th July
    never go near water on your own!
    You should never go on, in or around water on your own. Having a second person means you have someone to help, call for help. Around 50% of people who drown in the UK were on their own!
    Day 5- Friday 14th July
    How to 'self rescue' if you have difficulty in water?
    Day 6- Saturday 15th July
    How to rescue others from drowning and stay safe yourself?
    Day 7- Sunday 16th July
    How to understand Tides and stay safe?
    Day 8- Monday 17th July
    How to stay safe around water current and flow?
    Day 9- Tuesday 18th July
    RIP currents- How to stay safe?
    Day 10- Wednesday 19th July
    Respecting our Marine Wildlife and staying safe?
    Day 11- Thursday 20th July
    Cold Water Shock- What is it and how to stay safe?
    Day 12- Friday 21st July
    Inflatables and OFF shore winds, how to stay safe?
    Day 13- Saturday 22nd July
    Beach Safety
    Day 14- Sunday 23rd July
    Safety at inland waterways
    Day 15- Monday 24th July
    World Drowning Prevention Day- 25th July 2023
    World drowning prevention day
    On this day, at noon, our charity Founder Brendon Prince will leave Torquay Harbour on a Stand Up Paddle Board to attempt the world record for 'living' on a paddle board.
    Brendon is attempting this challenge to raise awareness for water safety and encouraging the use of 'Blue Space' for health and happiness but safely.  Paddle boarding has seen a dramatic rise in participants getting into difficulties on the water and requiring rescues.  There are many reasons for this; the wrong kit, lack of safety equipment, no knowledge of the weather or conditions plus a lack of general ability.  Brendon will demonstrate safe practice on the board to show how to have safe fun when paddle boarding, even when you are living on a board for 7 nights and 8 days!
    Brendon Prince WR challenge to raise money for Above Water