SUP Safety Week

SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) is the fastest growing water sport in the UK. Recent SUP sales, accredited to lockdown and great weather, are topping 10,000 boards a week.  Some board importers and manufacturers are reporting being SOLD OUT until July/August.
This is fantastic news for getting people active in a way never before explored by most.  The physical and mental benefits of the sport are well documented with something for everyone.  There are boards to facilitate everyone's adventure or fitness goal from leisure paddling to race or surf and prices to match most peoples pocket.
Due to this amazing surge in SUP sales Above Water have put together a 'SUP Safety Week', running from Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th June.  Above Water is the 'water safety through education' charity and we believe that a proactive approach to helping all paddlers, from pro's to newbies, become as safe as possible when on the water is our duty.  Above Water has collaborated with board manufacturers, shapers, shops, professionals & organisations to bring multiple daily messages to optimise your SUP paddling experience.  Making your next SUP adventure even safer for you and your paddle community. 
Daily Programme format will include, but not limited to...
  • SUP Prep
Carrying/transporting your SUP/ warm up and cool down ideas/ Safety Kit-right board/paddle for you. 
  • SUP Homework
Preparing to paddle/ weather/ tides/ conditions/ locations
  • SUP Paddle
safety on the board/ Paddle technique to avoid injury/ emergencies 
  • SUP Post Paddle

Cool down/ getting you board safely home/ join clubs/ coaching/ instruction


Above Water will be posting videos, pictures & information to build your SUP safety knowledge.  Posts will be from professionals, instructors, organisations and those in the SUP community that have been paddling for years and have good practice to share!
If you would like to be part of Above Water's 'SUP Safety Week', please contact us on

We look forward to hearing from you.

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