Entry for SUPTwelve 2024 will be available soon!



This is a brand new Stand Up Paddle board endurance event that went down a storm for its first outing on 1st April 2023.  The event ran for 12 hours from 7 am until 7pm with a very simple objective... who can paddle the most laps in 12 hours? No categories for board, gender or age, just you against the TWELVE hours!

SUP TWELVE takes place on coastal water, over a course of approximately 3.5 km, all paddlers start at 7am and every lap of the course will be professionally timed & recorded.  If at the end of 12 hours there are a number of paddlers on the same amount of completed laps then it becomes a race to see who finishes that last lap first to become the SUP TWELVE Champion.

NO eating is allowed on the board, only in the paddlers rest area so paddlers will have to take 'time out' of the race to 'pit stop' and refuel.  You can stop and rest at any time and for as long as you want in the paddlers rest area so tactics will play a big part of your race. This event is all about YOU, YOUR BOARD & PADDLE against the 12 hours, for this reason NO music/headphones are allowed whilst out on the water for each lap.

The 3.5km course has been designed to give maximum visibility to the supporter and greatest interest for the paddler for such a short course.  Repeating laps, time and time again, forces the paddler to 'dig deep' if they want to champion the 12 hours.  The course, more so than the time will challenge the paddlers resolve and mental strength to keep paddling when it would be so so easy to stop and rest.

SUP12 course map

Torbay has clear waters that 80% of the time are pan flat but if an easterly has blown into the Bay then waves will very much be part of the course.  Paddlers are required to return to the sand after every lap so if there is surf then 'paddling out' and 'surfing in' will be a big part of the race!  (It is very rare to get anything bigger than 2 or 3 foot surf in this corner of the Bay).

Possible Dates for 2024: March or April 2023

Time: 7am to 7pm


  • Board- ANY board, any size, hard or inflatable
  • Paddle
  • Waist Leash preferred, ankle leash accepted
  • Buoyancy (PFD) essential- traditional or inflatable
  • appropriate clothing suitable to the conditions on the day
  • enough food and liquid for your entire event

Paddler rest area: Every competitor will be given a space in this area to set up your base, bring a chair, cool box, everything you need to help your 12 hours of paddling (area is approx 1x1m per competitor and secure but not covered)

Event Safety briefing

All paddlers MUST attend this briefing at 8pm on FRIDAY before the event.  All the latest safety and course info will be given, leaving the morning to just get yourself ready for the event.


Everyone who enters will get one of our awesome wooden medals.


  • Furthest distance/most laps 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • Fastest single lap

Parking & Board drop off

Available along the sea front or 250m away at the rugby club.  Overnight van camping is permitted at both locations.  Public toilets are within walking distance. A drop off area for boards is less than 30m from the event START/FINISH.

Medical assistance

Professional medical team will be in attendance for the entire event.  Due to the endurance element to this event, the medical team may require you to stop and be checked for good health to proceed.  If requested to STOP, you must cooperate with the medical team.  A decision to continue or STOP will be made by the medical team, their decision is absolute and final.  Every competitors good health is paramount, the event team are here to help you achieve your potential.

After Party & Awards

Winners will receive their prizes at the afterparty in the rugby club plus all competitors receive a Devon Pasty and a pint for entering!


Torquay has many many hotels, B&B's and places to stay to suit everyones budget.  If you are struggling for accommodation, please just give us a call and we can help.

Insurance & Consent

Due to insurance limitations for our first year, competitors have to be 18 or over to enter.  All competitors will sign a consent/waiver to take part in the event and are expected to be fit & health to take part in a 12 endurance event.

Entry price breakdown

Fee... cost for 2024 TBC

What do you get for your entrance fee...

  • 12 hour event with water safety & medical cover
  • ALL profits go to the Charity Above Water
  • Every competitor gets a medal
  • Prizes for top 3 places plus fastest single lap
  • Event Technical Tee (must be worn for event)
  • Secure paddler area and toilets just for paddlers.
  • Professional Timing & Lap counting with large monitor display
  • Pasty & Pint in rugby club at 8pm


If the event is cancelled for any reason, all entries will be transferred to the follow year.  Unfortunately, due to costs we have already paid, we cannot refund. If you require to cancel your place, we allow you to transfer your place to someone else up to 7 days before the event.  No refunds can be offered, only transferred to another competitor, this costs us £5 to transfer in fees so this fee will be transferred to the new competitor. Within 7 days of event start, no transfers can be made and no refunds.

Results from 2023

Name Laps Distance KM
1, Bruce Smith,Male Open 30 105
2, PJ Simmons,Male Open 29 101.5
3, Fox Butler,Male Open 26 91
4, Dom Hook,Male Open 26 91
5, Emily Evans,Female Open 25 87.5
6, Matt Brookes,Male Open 22 77
7, Craig Sawyer,Male Open 22 77
8, Luke Blaber,Male Open 21 73.5
9, Andrea Richardson,Female Open 21 73.5
10, Sarah Perkins,Female Open 21 73.5
11, Daron Walker,Male Open 16 56
12, Will Reddaway,Male Open 15 52.5
13, Kevin Jackson,Male Open 15 52.5
14, Karen Greener,Female Open 15 52.5
15, George Humphreys,Male Open 14 49
16, Claire Terry,Female Open 14 49
17, Rachel Booton,Female Open 13 45.5
18, Andy Colder,Male Open 12 42
19, Gila Joffe,Female Open 12 42
20, Shanna Derwin,Female Open 12 42
21, Gavin Knox,Male Open 12 42
22, Thomas Millin,Male Open 12 42
23, Mark Smith,Male Open 12 42
24, Phil Mather,Male Open 10 35
25, Dan Stolworthy,Male Open 10 35
26, Leigh Boxall,Female Open 7 24.5
27, Nicki Voice,Female Open 6 21