#STOPdrowning Winter Campaign 2022



#STOPdrowning is a simple T-shirt campaign.  Supported by celebrities, athletes, politicians, artists, social media influencers and many, many more.  They have all stepped forward to wear the #STOPdrowning tee, showing their support to put a STOP to accidental drowning in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Exeter Chiefs internationals wearing the #STOPdrowning Tee

The idea behind the t-shirt is to remind anyone that is near, on or in water to STOP and THINK.  By thinking we are hoping they will make the right choice and stay safe.  Approximately 700 people in the UK and Ireland make the wrong choice every year and drown.   With the right education and understanding we want YOU to make the right choice for yourself, your family and friends. 

Making the RIGHT choice will keep you safe, making the right choice will mean you don't need to be rescued.  Making the right choice means your drowning isn't reported by the news but you go home safety. Lets all work towards making the right choice when near water and #STOPdrowing on this island nation.

Popular Artist Becky Bettesworth wearing the #STOPdrowning Tee

Buy your own #STOPdrowning Tee to help the campaign and raise awareness.  Why not, take a picture of you in the Tee and send in to us?

Ladies #STOPdrowning Tee   Male #STOPdrowning Tee

Andrew Cotton- BIG Wave surfer